Who will need Medical Tourism?

Anyone who seeks easily affordable high quality medical care abroad in combination with a recuperative holiday package at a destination of their choice and willing to travel abroad for the same.
Those who are in need of elective medical / surgical procedures
People who consider treatments that are not covered by the health insurance
Those who do not qualify for social security group coverage
Uninsured or Under insured individuals
Those who need urgent specialized treatment that are not available in their home country
Patients who are waitlisted with National Health Service or other Government healthcare services.
Anyone facing serious illness and having limited financial resources to pay for the specialized treatment at their home country.
Patients who seek treatments that are not approved in their home country
Those who do not like to reveal their illness to friends and relatives.
People who seek traditional alternative treatments for life style diseases.

Multinationals & large corporates who sponsor employees for medical treatment abroad either as an incentive or for cost benefit.
Insurance companies who want to reduce the financial burden on claims of health insurance.

What does Accreditation mean?
Accreditation of a hospital means that the hospital has met a set of minimum conditions stipulated by the accrediting agency for providing quality health care. There are agencies in many countries which grade the hospitals, nursing homes, health providing institutions according to the standards maintained in terms of quality of doctors, technicians & personnel employed by hospitals, the equipments with them, the standards of hygiene and cleanliness provided, the service provided to the patients. From the United States of America, this accreditation process is carried out by a large organization, Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization (JCAHO). In 1960, with the introduction of Medicare and Medicaid, hospitals which were accredited by JCAHO were considered to have met the conditions for participating in Medicare. There are commissions from other countries which also evaluate hospitals in their own countries and other countries and give accreditation certificates to hospitals which meet their minimum standards. To the patients the accreditation of a hospital means that they can expect high quality treatment using latest medical techniques from qualified & trained personnel in hygienic conditions with modern equipments from that hospital.

Why Asia?
Asia is the best continent for traveling to get medical treatment for the following very compelling reasons:
Many countries in Asia like India, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. have well developed medical infrastructure.
These countries have medical institutions which employ highly qualified & experienced medical specialists, paramedical staff, nurses and physiotherapists and have installed sophisticated and modern medical equipments and have specially designed packages for foreign health tourists.
They have also had their facilities inspected by standards organizations like Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization of USA and have obtained their accreditation. This accreditation would assure the medical tourists of the very high standards maintained by these hospitals.
They have developed other infrastructure to service the patients for their post-treatment rejuvenation.
Favorable currency exchange rates in India, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. make travel to these countries for medical treatment very affordable vis--vis high treatment costs in industrialized countries, In many countries in Asia sophisticated, modern and cost effective treatments are available at some times on one-tenth of the cost of the treatment in USA, UK, Japan or Europe
Comfortable international travel, good nursing care with English speaking staff in these countries help the patients feel at home while getting quality medical treatment from doctors who are not only well qualified and experienced but many a time have worked & gained reputation in hospitals in developed western countries.
The above countries can also provide hopes of alternative therapies like Ayurveda, Chinese traditional medicine, etc. which also attract patients from the world over for holistic treatment.
Almost all the countries in the region are endowed with natural beauty in their landscape because of which they offer many locations where a patient can choose to spend their post-treatment days to rejuvenate and recoup from their ailment.

Are doctors in developing countries like India competent?
Many of the Internationally Accredited Hospitals have highly qualified, well trained, English Speaking, accomplished specialists manning their various departments. You should not be surprised to find that many of these doctors have had stints for many years in renowned medical institutions in USA, UK, Europe or other developed countries before returning to India to continue their medical practice. Many would even have their post-graduate or higher qualifications from Medical Schools in the developed world.

Is it hygienic in countries like India?
India is land of contrasts. While many urban areas may not be very clean there are areas which would rival any of the cleanest localities anywhere in the world. Similarly, the internationally accredited hospitals are audited for their hygienic & cleanliness record and only when they meet the standards set, are they given accreditation certificate. So you would find that hospitals or institution would be hygienically very safe.

Can I have an interaction with the doctor who would treat me?
Yes, you can. We shall arrange for an interaction with the chosen doctor before traveling abroad. Contact us to interect with your doctor.

What is alternate medicine?
There are different medical systems for treatment of many medical conditions which are practiced successfully and beneficially for a large population in some parts of the world. Traditional practices in many cultures include these systems as a part of their religion and a way of life. Chinese medicines, Ayurveda, shiatsu, etc. are prime example of these systems.
Through our service we would like to extend the benefits of alternate medicine to our clients. Please contact us for further details.

What is Ayurveda?
Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicine is an ancient system of health care that is native to the Indian sub-continent. Ayurveda has always been preserved by the people of India as a traditional "science of life", despite increasing adoption to western medical techniques in recent times. Ayurveda is now a statutory, recognized medical system of health care like other medical systems existing in India. The Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) governs and recommends policies for the research and development of the system
Ayurvedic medicaments are made from finest and specifically chosen herbs or mixtures of herbs, either alone or in combination with minerals, metals and other ingredients of animal origin. Ayurveda as medical treatment for different diseases is being practiced for centuries in India and seems to have worked well for many hundreds of patients in the Indian subcontinent and increasing number of patients from the developed world. There are institutions exclusively for Ayurveda in many countries now.

What is holistic treatment?
The word "holistic" is derived from "whole". The holistic approach to treatment differs from the conventional medical approach. The holistic treatment takes into account the whole patient rather than just focusing on just the symptoms or the part of the body that apparently has the problem. Holistic therapies aim to help the patient restore the balance, thus allowing the body to heal naturally.
Nutrition, emotions, genetics, previous illnesses are some of the factors that can influence our health and hence practioners of holistic treatment take into account all these factors before deciding on their advise or prescriptions for the patients. Many swear by this type of treatment which seems to be attracting a large number of clientele throughout the world.

What are different packages you have?
We have different packages depending on the treatment modalities, the different needs of our clients, the destinations, etc. Besides standard packages we specialize in creating customized packages that suite your preferences, budget and taste. Thus we have very versatile packages to suit every your individual need.

How much would it cost me to undertake medical treatment abroad?
Cost depends upon various factors like the destination, the medical institution that you choose, treatment modality recommended, facilities availed, post-treatment requirements, rejuvenation/recuperation packages selected, etc.
Ideally, we would like to create a package which suits each client who would like to avail of our services. This way we would be able to make our services suit your tastes/ style and make your travel, treatment not only cost-effective but enjoyable for you.
For working out a package specifically to suit you, please contact us.

How to get a quote for the treatment that I would like to avail?
Please use the form here to give us the details asked for; we shall be able to give you a quotation which would suit your specific requirement.
Would I get financial help for my trip and treatment?

Many financial institutions extend finance for tourism on an individual case to case basis. We hope to tie up with Finance Companies soon for extending this facility for our clients. But in the meantime, please contact a reliable finance company in your neighborhood to know if they a have a scheme for financing your travel and treatment abroad.

Would I be able to get insurance cover should something go wrong?
Unfortunately there are not many Insurance companies willing to cover medical treatment abroad right now. However some companies do have some schemes for treatment abroad. You may contact your Insurance Agent who should be able to advise you appropriately. Meanwhile we are working closely with some insurance companies to possibly provide such an insurance cover.
If you have more queries please contact us now